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I suppose Chinese scooters in this country aren't as bad as in the states, because here we at least have dealers like big boy who have tons of spares available, often in America there are no brick and mortar dealerships so servicing has to be done yourself and parts need to be imported
Thanks Matt...this is a great vid. Explains precisely how we ended up chinglish scoots.
MODIFICATIONS / Re: Scooter body repair tip
« Last post by SA SCOOTERS on Today at 09:27:05 AM »
Excellent!! :yes:
MODIFICATIONS / Scooter body repair tip
« Last post by Mat1998 on Today at 07:53:15 AM »
Just a tip to you guys who need to repair cracked body panels either due to falling of or from panels going brittle and cracking with age. Try using pratley Flexi epoxy. This is better suited for panels on motorbikes when compared to normal epoxy because it does flex very slightly so it will not crack on a part that flexes from vibration. What I usually do on tiny cracks is that a piece of membrane cloth, the type you use for sealing a roof and I saturate it with the mixed epoxy. I then stick it behind the panel wearing a latex glove and squeeze it into place making sure that any excess epoxy goes into the crack. After it has dried then coat the back of the cloth with some more epoxy and once dry you're good to go. For larger cracks, reinforce with something more substantial like a piece of stainless steel or glavanized steel cut into the correct shape. Had to use the second method on a large crack that formed on my mud guard from heavy vibrations on pothole infested roads and it works like a bomb!
MODIFICATIONS / Re: Chinese scooter cheap modification tip
« Last post by Mat1998 on Today at 07:43:34 AM »
The problem wasn't bolts vibrating loose, they were literally Sherrington for the mud guard. Fortunately, they are easily unscrewed on that part even when sheared because the shaft of the bolt sticks out quite a distance so I could just that a set of pliers and unscrew it  without the bolt head actually being there
HELP / Re: performance cdi woes
« Last post by Stanthescooterman on Yesterday at 04:39:39 PM »
So, FFP ... have you returned from your amazing adventure yet?

We are dying for the trip report with pix  :popcorn:
MODIFICATIONS / Re: Chinese scooter cheap modification tip
« Last post by SA SCOOTERS on Yesterday at 04:38:26 PM »
One can replace all the bolts and nuts...pity you cant change the material that you screw or bolt into. Most of you are aware that the metals and plastics used are 4th or more generation materials. IE. It started as a piece of metal in maybe a BMW or Harley Davidson...then recycled and used to make a name brand washing machine....etc.  By the time it gets to being made into scooter parts...its been everywhere... :rofl:  (thats maybe the reason some of these scooters behave like they do)

Stan made a very important point re the mirrors.

Not only are the materials 4th generation. The tools and dies that were used to make your scoot is way past tolerances. That is why some threads differ slightly and not so nicely cut like you expect.

Copperslip, ghries, etc....lube the threads. It stops the ugly corrosion and oxidation setting in.
MODIFICATIONS / Re: Chinese scooter cheap modification tip
« Last post by Stanthescooterman on Yesterday at 01:48:47 PM »
I'm so disappointed - I thought you were going to share with us how you made your scooter go faster for less  :rofl:

Jokes aside - good thinking.

Another tip:
Unscrew your mirrors. Now!
Grease the threads and fit them again.
When it's time to replace them (which you will, at some point in the future) you will then be able to unscrew them without breaking the threaded piece off in the hole.
MODIFICATIONS / Re: Chinese scooter cheap modification tip
« Last post by SA SCOOTERS on Yesterday at 11:41:04 AM »
Nice Subject. your local BoltFast you can find a complete set of replacement bolts and nuts for around R250. Galvanized, Stainless or High Tensile....
Worth the money.

And dont be scared to use ThreadLoc on the ones prone to coming loose.
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